Northern Kentucky DUI Lawyer

The Relatively Painless DUI

Many of my clients who are facing drunk driving charges are not willing to take the chance of going to trial because of the risk of going to jail. There are many strategies to fight a drunk driving charge Attacking a DUI, The Complete DUI refusal, however, that does not mean that every client is willing to take that chance after a thorough evaluation of the evidence.

Effective Drunk Driving Negotiation

For those clients that wish to resolve their case prior to trial, I offer many negotiation strategies to reduce the punishment of the drunk driving conviction. To understand the strategy, a client must first understand the basic penalties associated with a DUI 1st Offense in Kentucky.

Kentucky Drunk Driving Penalties

The penalties basically consist of the following:

  1. Fines and Costs;
  2. License Suspension up to 120 days, hardship after 30 days (this means 30 days with no driving, no exceptions);
  3. The completion of a certified alcohol or substance abuse program. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s website more specifically articulates penalties at:

Until a certified class is completed, you cannot get your license back. This means that your license suspension can extend far beyond 120 days if you do not complete the certified class. If you never complete a certified class, then you can never again have a valid driver’s license. The hardship driving privileges that exist after 30 days end after 120 days. The hardship privileges are limited, and this three month period is often difficult for clients.

An Effective DUI Negotiation Strategy

The strategy begins by enlisting the client in a DUI treatment program very soon after the charge. This strategy creates the greatest chance of reducing the driver’s license suspension period. By entering the class prior to conviction, this puts the client in a positive light to the prosecutor to negotiate for the minimum penalties: the minimum fines and costs, the minimum sentence, and potentially the minimum license suspension period of 30 days. If successful, the client avoids an additional three months of license suspension and limited driving privileges. After a thirty day suspension, you walk in to your local DMV and get your driver’s license back free of any limitations. This result often makes the process less complicated and less painful. In addition, it may mean you can file to erase or expunge this conviction two years sooner than normal. This is one of the many strategies that must be considering for a client who has been charged with drunk driving.

A Fair Fee

In addition, I offer my clients a tiered fee structure in order to provide them a fair fee for my services. Some attorneys will quote you one large fee to handle a drunk driving case regardless of how long they work on your case. I believe this to be unfair to the client. You should not have to pay for a trial if you do not go to trial. In addition to offering expert experience, I offer my clients a no-trial fee that is substantially less than the trial fee.

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