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Unhappy with the result of your case? There may be a solution called an appeal. Every trial court is subject to review by an appellate court. Why? Because sometimes judges get it wrong, and this error may have affected the outcome of your case. As an attorney who has successfully handled appeals, Laura A. Ward has had cases reversed in District and Circuit Court, Family and Criminal law, and even administrative decisions.

Everything from a criminal conviction to rejection of welfare benefits may be appealable and subject to the scrutiny of a higher authority. In order for your case to be appealed, an attorney must first review the entirety of your case to look for judicial error, and this must be done quickly because each case has a deadline in which your case must be appealed. Failure to file your appeal before the deadline can result in the inability to appeal your case, even if the court committed reversible error.

Laura A. Ward has handled administrative appeals, including an appeal involving the Kentucky Racing Commission, that was recognized by ESPN. Furthermore, she has successfully argued appellate issues as both a prosecutor, a defense attorney. She has fought back against the government, and has vindicated individuals who have been deemed to have received an overpayment of state benefits. Through an Administrative Law Judge, Laura A. Ward has had those findings overturned, saving people thousands of dollars in reimbursement to the state.

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