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Covington Expungement Attorney

Expungement is a very important part of criminal law. It is the legal mechanism by which a criminal allegation and/or conviction can be removed from your permanent record. I often refer to it as a legal eraser. Expungement is extremely important for clients who are concerned about their criminal history. This criminal history can and will impact your future. It will potentially impact you in every school application, every job interview and countless other ways.

Many people find themselves confused regarding how expungement works. Defendants are often misinformed about how expungement works by well-meaning but uninformed individuals who work in the criminal justice system. If you are seeking an expungement, it is important to contact an attorney who specializes in criminal defense and can provide you the necessary expertise in this important but often overlooked area of law. Our law office provides this important service.

Do You Qualify for Expungement?

The following is a list of those who most likely qualify for expungement:

(1) Those individuals who have gone to trial and have been found not guilty

(2) Those individuals who have been charged with crimes but later all of the criminal charges were dismissed (This category does not apply if only some of the criminal charges were dismissed, but convictions resulted with other charges.)

(3) Those individuals who entered and completed a diversion program (whether that be a misdemeanor or felony diversion program)

(4) Those individuals who were convicted of misdemeanors but have a substantially clean criminal history before and after that misdemeanor conviction (Unfortunately, many people who have suffered multiple misdemeanor convictions arising out of different events extended over a period of time may not be good candidates for expungement.)

(5) Those individuals who did not receive diversion and were convicted of only felony possession of drugs before June 8, 2011 (A new law has passed which likely precludes this remedy to those convicted of felony drug possession after June 8, 2011.)

Not all people who encounter the criminal justice system will qualify for expungement. For instance, if you were convicted of a felony (other than a felony possession of drugs) you do not qualify for expungement in Kentucky under present law. In other words, an attorney cannot legally obtain an expungement for you if you have been convicted of any other felony other than a felony drug possession offense. If, however, you entered and completed a felony diversion program in relation to your felony charge, you may very well qualify for expungement.

Clear Your Criminal Record

The above is a simple summary of expungement. It is important to have a lawyer with the experience, ability and thoroughness to expunge your record and thereby protect and improve your future. If you have been charged with a crime in the Covington, Florence, or Newport areas and are seeking an expungement, contact me online or call Shannon D. Sexton, Attorney at Law, PLLC, PLLC at 859-431-9999 for the help you need.