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Covington Drug Trafficking Defense When You Are Charged

Man selling drugs on the street

Defense against serious drug charges doesn’t begin in the courtroom during a trial. It can start before charges have even been brought. Preliminary hearings or a grand jury investigation present a good defense attorney with a chance to prevent or minimize the charges against a client.

If you have been charged with drug trafficking, or you suspect that you may soon be facing criminal charges, contact my Covington law office for a free initial consultation. I am Shannon D. Sexton, an experienced criminal defense lawyer for representing felony drug trafficking charges in Kenton, Campbell or Boone County, Kentucky.

Experience That Gets Results

I am a former Jefferson, Kenton and Campbell County prosecutor. I used to prosecute the same felony drug cases in Louisville and in Northern Kentucky that I will defend you in today. I handled thousands of drug crimes cases when working with the Narcotics Unit and the Kentucky Drug Strike Force. I trained police and prosecutors. I know when and where a case is weak. I attend all preliminary hearings fully prepared that an indictment might be avoidable through active investigation and analysis of the facts.

When a police officer is on the stand as an expert, I know what questions to ask and how to ask them to break down each piece of evidence being relied upon. There are often innocent explanations for many of the circumstances surrounding an alleged drug transaction and I am ready to explore each:

  • Did you possess a large amount of money in smaller denominations? There can be a lot of innocent sources for small bills.
  • Did the police say you transferred drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, crack) by hand to hand transaction? Did someone actually see it or was it simply a handshake?
  • Did the police say there was a suspicious amount of foot traffic to your home? How many visitors are suspicious? Was there a reason for visitors?
  • Does the prosecutor’s case rely heavily upon a confidential informant? How unreliable is that person?
  • Does the prosecutor say he has audio or video of a “controlled buy.” Is there any actual conversation or actual visual that demonstrates the transfer of drugs? Maybe – maybe not.

I don’t leave anything to chance. I investigate every aspect of your drug trafficking case. I develop my own theory of your case. If there is evidence, I examine it. If there are police reports and witness statements, I review them. If there is video, I watch it. I do the hard work it takes to get results.

You’ve got a choice — choose experience. Contact me online or by phone at 859-431-9999 for a free consultation at my Covington/Newport area office. If you’ve been charged with trafficking marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine, prescription or other drugs, I can be an effective advocate.