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Covington Theft Offenses Lawyer

Theft offenses cover a large section of criminal offenses. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, these crimes can range from misdemeanor offenses to substantial felony offenses with potential years in prison.

Theft Offenses

The crime of theft covers a broad range of activity. The most common theft crime is theft by unlawful taking, which is what most people think of when they hear the word theft. However, there are multiple other areas, including theft by failure to make required disposition, theft by deception, theft of controlled substances, theft of identity and many other areas of the law criminalizing very specific types of conduct. There is also the related crime of receiving stolen property. Theft crimes are treated more severely based upon the value of the theft. The value of the alleged theft often determines the level of the potential penalty.


If there is an allegation of violence associated with the theft, it can increase the crime to robbery. The basic definition of robbery is a theft accomplished with some form or threat of violence.


If the theft involves an invasion of property, it can increase the crime to burglary. The basic definition of burglary is the unlawful entry into a property with an intent to commit a crime while in the property (most commonly a theft related crime). Robbery and burglary charges are considered substantial felonies and are normally treated more severely by judges and prosecutors.

Experience That Gets Results

I have successfully defended multiple clients in relation to theft-related offenses. For example, I was the lawyer for a client who was accused of stealing approximately half a million dollars worth of property from his former employer. By devising a trial strategy of proving my client’s innocence and simultaneously casting doubt on the very existence of the alleged theft by scrutinizing the company’s inventory methods, my client received a not guilty verdict from a jury. Of course, each theft-related offense is unique, and a defense must be devised based upon the specific facts of the client’s individual case.

The above is a sample of the strategies that need to be pursued in order to build a complete defense for a client who has been accused of a theft-related offense. It is important to have an attorney with the experience, ability and thoroughness to seek these strategies in the course of your representation. If you have been charged with a crime in the Covington, Florence, or Newport area, contact me online or call me at 859-431-9999.