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Seasoned Personal Injury Litigator

The area of personal injury law includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • automobile accidents,
  • wrongful death,
  • dangerous products,
  • construction accidents,
  • slip and falls,
  • premise liability, etc.

The negligent acts of drivers, manufacturers, employers, and property owners often cause serious, catastrophic injuries. I am attorney Shannon D. Sexton; my unique professional and personal experience allows me to empathize with personal injury victims as well as effectively represent their interests. Contact me online today or at 859-431-9999 to discuss the facts of your case.

Bringing Personal Experience to Your Case

As a child, my brother was involved in a motorcycle accident. Although he was wearing a helmet, the helmet had been negligently manufactured and did not provide the protection my brother needed, leaving him permanently physically and mentally disabled. I know and understand the fundamental and life-altering impact an act of negligence can have on an individual and a family.

My brother was represented by a prominent personal injury attorney located in Lexington, Kentucky – Peter Perlman. It was Mr. Perlman who initially inspired me to become an attorney. I later worked for Mr. Perlman, gaining experience through working in a practice that focused entirely on personal injury cases.

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With this personal and professional experience, combined with years of experience as a trial attorney and litigation skills professor, I am now proud to provide legal services to families who, like my family, are victims of negligent activity. Contact me online today or by phone at 859-431-9999 to discuss how I can assist you.