Steadfast And Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation That You Need

Negotiate or Fight: Which Defense Strategy Is Right in Your Situation?

You’ve been charged with a crime, and now you have a choice of fighting it in court or getting your lawyer to negotiate a deal in exchange for a plea.

  • A plea bargain can go off the table quickly if you say the wrong thing or make the wrong move. Work closely with your lawyer to understand the facts for and against you, as well as the potential outcomes, before you make or refuse any deals.
  • A trial is high stakes and scary to most people. If you lose, you are going to jail. If you win, you walk out the door. It is a risk; but if you’re willing to take it, I am ready to defend you.

I am Shannon D. Sexton, a former criminal prosecutor and now criminal defense lawyer for people facing felony or misdemeanor charges in Kenton County, Campbell County or Boone County. When you need a strong defense, contact my Covington law office online or at 859-431-9999 for a free initial consultation.

I am not intimidated by prosecutors; I was one for five years. I know how prosecutors build a case, and I know how to spot the weaknesses and loopholes in their case. I have successfully earned acquittals at trial for previous clients.

I have handled a wide range of criminal charges, from misdemeanors and traffic violations to felony murder cases and drug trafficking cases in state and federal courts. Whatever charge you are facing, I can be an effective advocate for you in negotiations or in court. If you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, contact me right away.

Defense on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

How Will This Affect Your Future?

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be far-reaching. Many people don’t know that a DUI on their driving record could stand in their way of getting a job in the future if it requires them to drive. Some offenses will mean you lose or can’t get a professional license or government security clearance. If you have a drug conviction, you may not be able to qualify for federal student aid, and you could possibly face expulsion from your school.

Before you consider a plea bargain, I will explain how it could affect your future so you are making an informed decision. If you want to fight it in trial, I am prepared and experienced in taking cases before a jury or judge. For additional information on common criminal defense questions, see my frequently asked questions.

You Have A Choice — Choose Experience

Contact me for a free consultation at my Covington/Newport area office. No case is too small if it will affect your life. I represent many Northern Kentucky University (NKU) students facing charges for drug crimes and alcohol offenses. I also offer civil litigation services to clients; if you’ve been injured or if you have a family law issue, please contact my office.