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Driving Under the Influence – DUI

Get An Experienced DUI Attorney When You Have Been Charged

Losing your driver’s license is only one of several consequences you may face if you plead guilty to or are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) in Kentucky.

Man doing field sobriety test with police officer

You also could face:

• Fines of $700 to more than $1,000
• Jail time
• DUI driving classes to get your
license back

For most people, driver’s license suspension (for a minimum of 30 days) is the biggest problem. It could last much longer. If there were any “enhancements” to your charge — such as underage drinking, causing an accident, or having extremely high blood alcohol content — your license could be suspended even longer.

Experience That Gets Results

DUI is a serious charge and it requires a serious defense. I am Shannon D. Sexton, a former criminal prosecutor and now criminal defense lawyer for people facing felony or misdemeanor DUI charges in Kenton County, Campbell County or Bonne County. When you need a strong defense, contact my Covington law office for a free initial consultation.

I defend students from Northern Kentucky University who face DUI and/or underage drinking charges. I also defend many people from Ohio who were charged with drunk driving in Kentucky. It is only a crime to drive while intoxicated, not just after drinking.

Defense Against Any Drunk Driving Charge

DUI is an enhanceable offense; if you have a prior conviction on your record, it will make the penalties for a later DUI much more severe. If you had a drunk driving arrest last year and you didn’t fight it or you lost, you may now face harsher penalties, even prison time for a second or third DUI.

The best defense strategy for your particular case will depend upon the specific facts of your case and whether you have any prior convictions. In most cases, fighting the charge in an administrative hearing and in court will be the best option. In some cases pleading to a lesser traffic violation will be in your best interest.

I will explain the issues, challenges and risks of your case so you can make a decision about how you want to proceed. If you want to take your case to court, I have years of trial court experience and can make a strong, effective case for you. There are plenty of gray areas that an effective defense lawyer can pursue to reach the best possible result for you:

  • DUI means operating a motor while under the influence. Were you actually operating the vehicle at the time of your arrest?
  • Police can’t pull you over for no reason. What evidence do they give that they pulled you over for reasonable cause?
  • Did the police say you “failed” the field sobriety test? Field sobriety are notoriously inaccurate. Prosecutors may emphasize the parts that were failed, but what parts did you pass? That needs to be in evidence, too.

You’ve got a choice — choose experience. Contact me online or at 859-431-9999 for a free consultation at my Covington/Newport area office. No case is too small if it will affect your life. As a defense attorney, I represent many Northern Kentucky University (NKU) students facing charges for drug crimes and alcohol offenses.