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When you are going to battle, it would be nice to know your opponent’s battle strategy. The same is true with criminal law: when you are going up against a prosecutor, it’s vital to understand how prosecutors think.

I do. I am criminal defense attorney Shannon D. Sexton. Before I started my own firm defending people facing criminal charges in Northern Kentucky, I worked as a felony prosecutor (known as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney) in Jefferson County, Kenton County, and Campbell County, Kentucky. I not only gained valuable trial experience, I understand — inside and out — how prosecutors build a case against a criminal defendant.

Because I know how a case is put together, I know where to look for weaknesses to break it down. I also put my knowledge of establishing a case to work on behalf of my clients; I do not merely defend against what the other side presents, I build a case that defends my clients based on the facts of the situation.

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I defend cases in Kentucky Circuit and District Courts and the U.S. District Court. Our office also provides full legal services to our clients in other areas of the law, including family law and personal injury claims.

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My office handles all manner of criminal law cases, from drug crimes such as trafficking or simple possession, as well as traffic violations and DUIs, and me and my team have developed a deep skillset that we deploy in order to defend clients like you in court. I am especially adept at the most serious of cases, where you are facing severe penalties and need to fight hard to protect yourself from decades of incarceration.

Whether that involves a sex crime, murder or other violent offense, you can rely on my knowledge and experience to handle your case, either by seeking a favorable deal with the prosecutors or by presenting an aggressive defense of you at trial. In addition to trial work, my team and I can also handle pretrial diversions, along with post conviction appeals and expungement actions as well.

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No matter what you are facing, you can rely on our team to get you the help that you need. Call my Covington/Newport area law office at 859-431-9999 or contact me online for a free initial consultation.