I am Shannon D. Sexton, a former criminal prosecutor and now criminal defense lawyer for people facing felony or misdemeanor charges in Kenton County, Campbell County, and Boone County, Kentucky.

Meeting the Needs of our Spanish-Speaking Clients

I use a team to represent my Spanish speaking clients. I combine my expertise with a native born, Spanish-speaking attorney who is an expert in Immigration – Attorney Iversy Velez. If you have been charged with a crime, you need a team fighting for you. You deserve to discuss your case with someone who can perfectly communicate with you in Spanish, and inform you about all consequences you may face as a result of being charged with a crime. Nothing can substitute for the advantage of discussing your case with an expert who, like you, grew-up speaking Spanish. When you need a strong defense, and you want to be expertly informed in your own language, contact us at (859) 431-9999 for a free initial consultation in Spanish.

Please also visit our Florence, Kentucky office for Spanish services. In addition to a Spanish speaking attorney, the receptionist at the Florence, Kentucky office is also a native-born Spanish speaker. This office is located at the following address: 6900 Houston Road, Suite 9, Florence, Kentucky 41042.

Choose the Right Legal Team

Your liberty is at stake. It is necessary to protect your rights and your freedom. You need an attorney with the experience necessary to protect you. Shannon D. Sexton has that experience. Shannon D. Sexton has successfully litigated criminal charges from the highest felony offenses (Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, Rape, Drug Trafficking, etc.), through misdemeanor offenses (DUI, Marijuana, Assault, Theft, etc.), and traffic violations. This experience will be combined with the services of Attorney Iversy Velez to give you the service you need.

Many attorneys advertise Spanish translation which means that an English speaking attorney will utilize a Spanish interpreter to communicate with you. We are proud that our services are superior to this method. Our representation combines criminal defense expertise with immigration expertise. Our representation provides communication with a Spanish-speaking attorney, not a mere translation with an interpreter.

Fighting for your freedom in a country where you have to rely on a second language is a difficult experience. With the team of attorneys Shannon Sexton and Iversy Velez, you will be prepared for the fight ahead. Contact us at (859) 431-9999 for a free initial consultation in Spanish.

Defense on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges (some examples include)

  • Drunk Driving (DUI) and other traffic offenses
  • Drug Crimes: possession, sale, distribution, trafficking
  • Theft Crimes: robbery, burglary, auto Theft
  • Sex Offenses: rape, sexual assault, solicitation
  • Violent offenses: assault, domestic assault, homicide
  • Traffic Tickets and/or Driving Violations
  • Expungement: remove charges from your criminal history